How much do your cakes cost?
Cost is determined by many different variables; size, shape, flavors, design, etc. Typically, specialty cakes range between $3 and $4 per serving, Wedding cakes range between $5 and $6 per serving. Please feel free to contact us for a custom quote before placing your order.

How much time is required to place an order? 
The earlier, the better! At least one to two week’s notice is ideal for specialty cakes in case specific ingredients or tools are required to complete your order.  Wedding cakes are often booked at least 3 months in advance. We are often willing to accommodate requests made with less notice. It never hurts to ask and every effort will be made to give you exactly what you want.

Can I have more than one flavor in my cake?
Yes! With so many flavor options to choose from, why choose just one? We encourage a different flavor and filling for each tier. That way your guests will be able to try a variety of fabulous flavors from Brooklyn Girl Bakery!

Is there a minimum amount of servings required to place an order? 
Yes, we require a minimum of 35 servings or $140 for all cake orders. 

Do you deliver?
Delivery is available for cakes serving 75 or more guests. Delivery charges are assessed based on the location of your event. 

Do you offer tastings?
Yes, tastings and consultations are available for wedding cakes and cakes serving 75 or more guests.